Lutheran Band Camp

@ Camp LuWiSoMo

COVID Protocol

COVID-19 Protocols, Self-Screening & Release (Updated May 2022)

LuWiSoMo Summer Camp COVID-19 Protocols
COVID-19 Self-Screening & Release Form

The protocols include self-monitoring beginning 10 days prior to arrival at camp. If COVID-19 symptoms are present, or you think there may have been exposure to COVID-19, a test with negative results is required. If no symptoms are present, a test is not required. See Protocols for details.

All campers, volunteers, staff, and guests must sign the COVID-19 Self-Screening & Release Form upon arrival at camp, certifying compliance with the protocols.

Update as of 7/6/22: Face masks and instrument masks (bell covers) will be NOT be required.  Students who prefer to use face masks or bell covers are welcome to do so.  

For any questions, please contact the Band Camp Directors.