Lutheran Band Camp

@ Camp LuWiSoMo

Camp Connections

For directions to Camp LuWiSoMo, click the link:
W5421 Aspen Road | Wild Rose, WI 54984

Communicating with your Camper

Messages are a great way to encourage campers and to let them know they are loved and supported. We recommend not discussing what’s going on at home too much; rather, keep it all about encouraging your camper during their time away. Help us combat homesickness by asking what they’ve done or what they’re looking forward to.

Write to your camper during the week by postal mail:

Camp LuWiSoMo – Band Camp
W5421 Aspen Road
Wild Rose, WI 54984-9177

Your camper may communicate back to you through postal mail only. 

In our experience, the best medicine for homesickness is to stay focused on the fun activities and new friends at camp. We frequently see well-intentioned, loving parents who wish to talk to their camper each day, and this nearly always increases — not decreases — homesickness. We encourage you to send letters, but we do not allow campers to call or email home. Your camper may communicate with you through postal mail only.  Feel free to send paper, envelopes, and stamps!

In the case of a serious or medical issue, one of the Band Camp staff will call the number you list on your registration form.

In the case of an emergency, please call Mrs. Rosebrock directly. (Number will be emailed to registered families.)

Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones or other electronic devices to Band Camp. This is an important safety issue for all campers.