Lutheran Band Camp

@ Camp LuWiSoMo

What to Bring

Download our camper checklist of What to Bring. Please make sure that you mark all of your personal items with your name.

Camp LuWiSoMo is a family-friendly Christian community. To maintain this environment, we expect that your language, dress, and behavior are appropriate for this community.

At no time should campers wear clothing that shows their undergarments. Avoid short or tight shirts, short shorts, and clothes that reference drugs, alcohol, or have inappropriate innuendos. Girls are asked to wear one piece bathing suits at camp.

What to leave at home:

  • Food/Snacks/Soda (No food or soda is allowed in the cabins per camp rules. These lead to ant and bee problems.)
  • Electronic Devices.  Absolutely no cell phones or other electronic devices (smart watches, tablets, ipods, video games, etc.) are allowed at Band Camp. This is an important safety issue for all campers.