Lutheran Band Camp

@ Camp LuWiSoMo


After registration, an audition will be held for each student. The audition has two purposes:

  1. To help the teachers know your level of playing.
  2. To give you the experience of playing an audition.

There is a place for you at Band Camp whether you are a beginner or an advanced player.  The teachers listening to you play are encouraging and want you to play your best. Like playing for Solo/Ensemble Contest, playing an audition gets easier every time you do it.

For your audition, please prepare the following:

  1. Concert Bb Major scale, memorized for all students.
  2. Concert Ab Major scale, memorized (if possible) for students with more than one year experience on their instrument.
  3. Chromatic scale, memorized but only the range of your instrument you are comfortable with. (This scale and fingering chart is often found on the inside cover of your lesson book.)
  4. Solo from Solo/Ensemble Contest and/or etude from lesson book. Bring a judge’s copy, too.
  5. Practice sight reading music you haven’t seen before.
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